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Udonis Haslem: ‘We’d love to have’ Dwyane Wade back

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The Heat captain added to the speculation that the Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade are headed for a reunion.

Miami Heat v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

ESPN’s Nick Friedell reported that the “widespread belief” within the Chicago Bulls organization is that Dwyane Wade and the Chicago Bulls will work out a buyout agreement at some point this season. That has fueled speculation that Wade will rejoin the only other NBA franchise he’s played for — the Miami Heat.

And now, we have as good a source as any who has weighed in — Udonis Haslem.

On a radio appearance, the Heat veteran said that he talks to Wade daily. He also offered his advice to the 35-year-old player who seems to be going in the opposite direction of the franchise that just traded Jimmy Butler.

“My advice,” Haslem said, “to him is, ‘Hey, we’d love to have you, but take it one step at a time, take it one day at a time, and be involved in what’s going on with your family. I think the situation with Chicago and everything that’s going on, it’s just a frustrating situation on both sides.”

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said Thursday that the Miami Heat are holding onto their $4.3 million exception for Wade. Pat Riley said in July he would probably hold onto that exception, but because “We have 10 guys we really like ... so why am I going to add another mid-level guy who’s going to be fighting for 10 minutes or eight minutes?”

A Wade reunion would certainly complicate Miami’s rebuild attempt and desire to develop young guards like Dion Waiters, Tyler Johnson and Josh Richardson. Wade would need to play significant minutes — he’s still a good player, and Miami fans will want to see him. Remember, the Washington Wizards sold out games because fans wanted to see a 39-year-old Michael Jordan with hobbled knees.

Will Wade don a Heat jersey by the end of the season? I guess we’ll just have to heed Haslem’s advice — take it one day at a time.