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Wayne Ellington may surprise fans with his point guard possibilities

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Ellington tops the Miami Heat in EF% as a pick & roll ball handler and in transition.

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

NBA stats for the Miami Heat reveal Wayne Ellington has the highest EF% and percentile ranking among current team players as a pick & roll ball handler (minimum 20 possessions).

Wayne Ellington 50 EFG% and 82.6 percentile

Goran Dragic 48 EFG% and 79.4 percentile

James Johnson 47 EFG% and 45.3 percentile

That alone doesn't make Ellington a point God, but breaking out of his "Golden Arm" box to a “Golden Touch” one could lead to Miami having more options with him on the court. Surprisingly the Heat's leading spot-up shooter isn't Ellington, but Dion Waiters. The top three marksmen are:

Dion Waiters 59 EFG% and 81.0 percentile

Wayne Ellington 57 EFG% and 83.5 percentile

Tyler Johnson 53 EFG% and 71.1 percentile

Waiters prefers to shot outside the painted area and distributing from it, rather than cutting to the basket. Statistically Waiters had only 3 possessions on cuts to the basket for the entire season. James Johnson feasts on them, while Hassan Whiteside’s lob conversions count as cuts, as the numbers below show.

James Johnson 41 poss, 1.32 PPP, 72.7 EFG%, 62.9 percentile

Goran Dragic 30 poss, 1.20 PPP, 70.8 EFG%, 43.4 percentile

Josh Richardson 13 poss, 1.23 PPP, 66.7 EFG%, 48.7 percentile

Hassan Whiteside 235 poss, 1.27 PPP, 66.2 EFG%, 56.0 percentile

Wayne Ellington 12 poss, 1.17 PPP, 63.6 EFG%, 37.7 percentile

Dion Waiters 3 poss, 0.67 PPP, 33.3 EFG%, N/A percentile

Since Ellington can score in so many ways, he makes his teammates better by opening up the floor for them. This clip versus the Cavaliers shows his versatility in scoring and distributing the ball (notice Waiter's spot-up basket).

Again versus the Nuggets, Wayne does more than make baskets, but can pass the ball and take the team out on transition. In fact Ellington’s 89 percentile transition rating dwarfs Dragic’s 69 percentile. WE also leads the team in transition PPP at 1.34 and a 68 EF%. Dragic succeeds 60% of the time, compared to Ellington’s 54%, but Wayne’s higher PPP shows a willingness to finish with a 3-pointer in transition.

This highlight clip as a Laker shows Ellington's versality and athleticism he rarely displayed in his lone season as a Heat member.

Ellington's surprising ability as a pick & roll handler and Waiter's spot-up shooting powess leads to combinations other looking at both as shooting guards. Ellington could initiate the play and Waiters finish it off. And Ellington runs the floor very well.

Ellington isn't an isolation-type player, which is more to suited to LeBron James. His Cavaliers ran the most isolation plays, 891, in the NBA. Miami's favorite play was the spot-up shot with 1741 tries, but with a below league average of 37% made. They were the most successful team in the NBA running off screams with 46% accuracy, yet ran only 468 of them.

Ellington doesn't take the ball down court slowly in the traditional point guard fashion for half-court set pieces, but thrives in constantly beingin motion. He runs the pick & roll in an unconventional fashion: quicker than even the Dragon.

Other teams have to respect Ellington as a scoring threat no matter where he is on the court, when he is lit. Consistency has been a problem for him during his NBA career, thus far. Should he lick that issue, the ability to score at will in so many ways and anywhere on the court turns the Miami Heat offense into an elite one.