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Miami Heat get no respect from NBA 2K18, except for Hassan Whiteside

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Only a month before preseason games begin, Heat players need some serious work to bring their NBA 2K18 ratings up.

NBA: Washington Wizards at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As the pre-season NBA 2K18 ratings begin to trickle in, only Hassan Whiteside makes the top-10 in any of the traditional positions for the upcoming season.






Bam Adebayo (72) and Whiteside (87) are the only ratings for the Miami Heat players available at this point. With just a few weeks remaining before the regular season begins, Heat players have a lot of ground to cover to make the top-fifty list for this video game.

With Miami having a bunch of skilled bigs such as Whiteside, Adebayo, A.J. Hammons, Kelly Olynyk, James Johnson, Okaro White, Jordan Mickey and even Justise Winslow to set screens for their teammates, the screen assist doesn’t get enough credit. NBA stats reveals Russell Westbrook had 1 for the entire season. Marcin Gortat (506), Rudy Gobert (499), DeAndre Jordan (448) led the pack.

Predicted for a 6th place finish of about 44 wins, the Heat will be on a mission to prove their doubters wrong. Make no mistake about it, the other contenders feel the same way. As Kevin Durant put it bluntly about becoming number one: “He could have got more. He f***ed around.”

NBA2K does give Miami respect by featuring Shaquille O’Neal in a Miami Heat uniform in its legend edition.