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Miami Heat’s 2017 preseason schedule leaks early

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Miami will play six preseason games, all in October.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat will be back in action on October 1. That doesn’t seem that far away does it? The Heat’s preseason scheduled has surfaced and they will play six games, all in October before the beginning of the season.

Here it is:

October 1: Atlanta Hawks @ Miami Heat, 6pm
October 5: Miami Heat @ Brooklyn Nets, 7:30pm
October 7: Miami Heat @ Orlando Magic, 7pm
October 9: Charlotte Hornets @ Miami Heat, 7:30pm
October 11: Washington Wizards @ Miami Heat, 7:30pm
October 13: Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers, 8:30pm (Kansas City)

The NBA season will start a little sooner than normal, so expect the schedule to be released soon, but not too soon with a start date around the 17th.

The Heat will have three home games in preseason, so make sure you take a chance to see them play.