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Dion Waiters quietly putting in the work for a breakout season

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Perfecting his craft this summer Dion Waiters could reach the potential Kevin Durant talked about.

Charlotte Hornets v Miami Heat Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Dion Waiters knows he can do better, and he is quietly going about finishing off what he started with the Miami Heat last season before his untimely injury. Working hard at the gym, he’s getting his body in even better condition this season.

Already one of most efficient spot-up shooters on the team, he’s bringing his game to another level come October to earn a spot on the All-Star team.

As he says, “Back to the basics.”

Together with Goran Dragic, Waiters might give Miami the most underrated backcourt in the Eastern Conference. Adding Wayne Ellington, Tyler Johnson, Josh Richardson, Kelly Olynyk, and perhaps Matt Williams(?), to the mix gives the Heat some serious firepower from downtown Miami.