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Paul Pierce finally forgives Ray Allen for joining the Heat

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And it’s about time. Will the rest of the Big 4 do the same?

It was 2012. That’s when Ray Allen deciding to join LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat in free agency — a team that just won the NBA Championship.

And now it is 2017. And finally, a member of the Big 4, which also included Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo is being nice to Ray.

Pierce and Allen played in a celebrity game together in China, and here’s what he posted.

This is a big step for these two. But will the others follow suite? I mean this was big news when Rajon Rondo was getting his party invites for his 10 year reunion of the Boston Celtics 2008 championship and he wasn’t going to invite Ray. Why? Because he went to the Heat.

“I was initially hurt by the whole way everything went down,” Pierce said during the segment, speaking about Allen’s departure from Boston in 2012. “Like, I don’t have no beef with none of my teammates. I was just hurt on how it went down. We all came together, we talked about it. We talked every day. We hung out all the time, and then, when it was time for free agency — and to each his own — by I thought we formed a brotherhood here in Boston … That’s what I was hurt about when Ray didn’t at least give us a heads up about it.”

So there’s that. I don’t expect Kevin and Rajon to follow anytime soon, but who knows?