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Dragic faces quick potential turnaround with training camp start

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Goran Dragic’s run with Slovenia in the EuroBasket tournament could end just before training camp.

NBA: Washington Wizards at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As I’ve written about before, Goran Dragic has played scintillating basketball for the Slovenian national team at the EuroBasket tournament this summer. But what was a mere hypothetical possibility a week ago has become more plausible — Dragic’s run in EuroBasket could leave a quick turnaround for the start of training camp.

Slovenia is 6-0 and will face Latvia on Tuesday. If Dragic is able to keep Slovenia undefeated, he and his team will play in the semifinal game against the winner of a Germany-Spain quarterfinal. And both the championship and third-place game of EuroBasket are Saturday Sept. 16.

And the Heat’s opening of training camp? Sept. 26.

Should Heat fans hope Slovenia goes all the way, or should they be OK if Dragic gets a bit more rest before training camp? For me, it would be nice to have Dragic already in mid-season form by the opening day of training camp.

The Heat’s point guard came into training camp the year after signing his lucrative five-year, $90 contract out of shape. Coming to camp fresh off a great performance in EuroBasket will set an example for other players — including ones like Dion Waiters and James Johnson, who signed lucrative contracts themselves earlier this summer — that their goal of replicating their 30-11 finish isn’t a pipe dream.