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Bonus in salary should motivate several Heat players

Dion Waiters, Kelly Olynyk and James Johnson all have reason to give all they have to the Heat this season.

NBA: Miami Heat at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Money talks. That was clear this offseason as the Heat re-signed several players and added Kelly Olynyk with big money.

But what is important about their contracts is that they come with some the form of a million dollars. That should be enough for these players to give all that they have to the Miami Heat this season.

ESPN (INsider) reported several “unlikely” bonuses that are built into some Heat players’ contracts this season. These bonuses will count against the Heat’s 2017-18 salary cap, which they are already expected to be operating above the cap. Here’s a breakdown.

Dion Waiters will receive a $1.1 million bonus if he plays in 70 or more regular season games. That’s huge. Last year, he missed 36 games and played in only 46. Waiters was good for Miami and missing him to end the season hurt the team. So would a million dollars motivate him to stay on the court?

He sure has been working on conditioning and strength according to his social media posts. If Waiters can stay that healthy the Heat will be a much better team.

Kelly Olynyk will receive a $1 million bonus if he played more than 1,700 minutes for the team. He played 1,538 for the Boston Celtics last year. He should have more of a role with the Heat, but it remains unknown how much time he will actually play. He will also receive a bonus if the Heat make the playoffs.

James Johnson has a bonus coming his way if he can meet some of the Heat’s expectations for his body-fat and weigh-ins. That’s a safe way for the Heat to rely on Johnson continuing to improve and push himself forward even after receiving the biggest contract in his NBA career.

Money talks and that’s a good thing for the Miami Heat because it will motivate some of their most important players to give maximum effort this season.

What do you think about what the Heat did with these players’ contracts?