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Heat team with Warriors for Irma pet relief

The Heat helped airlift more than 100 pets from Miami-area shelters to shelters in Oakland.

Golden State Warriors v Miami Heat Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

During the Miami Heat’s whirlwind season last year, both Heat games against the Golden State Warriors provided great entertainment. Dion Waiters’ game-winning 3 over the eventual NBA champion stands as a season highlight.

Off the court, though, these two NBA franchises are working together.

The Heat announced that they partnered with the Golden State Warriors to airlift more than 100 pets from local animal shelters to no-kill shelters in Oakland.

As the above tweet notes, the move is designed to create room for animals displaced by Hurricane Irma. Erik Spoelstra and Udonis Haslem were on hand to load more than 100 pets.