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Goran Dragic wins MVP as he leads Slovenia to EuroBasket 2017 championship

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The Dragon was on fire as he lead his team to a perfect 9-0 record with a 93-85 win over Serbia in the Finals game

NBA: Washington Wizards at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat’s Goran Dragic captivated EuroBasket 2017 by scoring 35 points in a 93-85 win over Serbia in the Eurobasketball 2017 Finals game.

The Dragon was on fire as his team fought to a perfect 9-0 record in Dragic’s final appearance for his Slovenian national team.

Goran displays the pace he expects the Heat to play this season. Not bad for a 31 year-old point guard. The youngsters might have a difficult time keeping up with him.

Not to be outdone Luka Doncic shows some highlight material. Could Dragic bring out the Doncic in Josh Richardson and Bam Adebayo?

Together with the 30 year-old ultimate teammate James Johnson and self-proclaimed alpha male Dion Waiters, the trio will lead the way for an exciting next generation of the Miami Heat. Share the team spirit of Heat players.

The over 30 crowd will teach the youngsters reaching their prime how to play winning basketball as they learn from the masters.

In a testament to Dragic’s leadership, Slovenia played the last four minutes with Goran on the bench due a cramp, and still got the win. He didn’t score at all in the fourth quarter, probably due to exhaustion.

With the season starting a month from today, the Heat will need to address the issue of Dragic going full speed night in and night out. Having an elite point guard for 48 minutes counts, because 5 bad minutes could make the difference between a win or loss.

Can the Miami Heat over come the doubters? CBS Sports doesn’t even mention Miami as challengers for the Cleveland Cavaliers by putting the Philadelphia 76ers as a better team than the Heat. Enough said about NBA writer’s opinion about Miami.