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Has the focus on Justise Winslow really "infuriated" coaching staff and front office?

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At times the attention Winslow receives drowns out contributions from other essential Heat players.

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In a piece titled, "Ira Winderman's 10 burning questions for the Miami Heat," Winderman notes.

The focus on Winslow at times has infuriated the coaching and front-office staffs. Yet it was shortly after Winslow was lost last season that the Heat began their 30-11 second-half turnaround, with the Heat 4-14 with Winslow in the lineup last season.

Obviously Heat management notices the media's infatuation with Justise Winslow. Perhaps that attention has gone too far. Other worthwhile prospects and veterans on the Miami Heat team may not be receiving the proper respect.

Writers have largely dismissed players such as A.J. Hammons, Okaro White, Jordan Mickey as afterthoughts on the roster, while they offer intriguing potential as essential contributors for the team under the right conditions.

Any summer camp invitee such as Larry Drew II, Erik McCree, Derrick Walton, Jr., and Matt Williams could become the Rodney McGruder of this season with performances that make Erik Spoelstra give them minutes.

Then of course, Bam Adebayo will be carefully bought along as a promising member of the team, hopefully for the next decade.

Life’s Good Over Here

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All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

The sometimes gratutious annoitment of Winslow as a starter by the press doesn't sit well for a staff that prides itself on instilling the legendary Heat Culture in its players, as displayed by Heat Lifer Udonis Haslem. Udonis battled his way to make the team from the beginning, and never forgot where he came from. He earned every last minute of playing time he received.

Perhaps the media flippantly granting certain favorites premature platitudes takes away from the values the Miami Heat hold dear as core concepts. D'Angelo Russell being shipped off to the Brooklyn Nets serves as a reminder of what happens when promises goes unfulfilled.