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Multiple players and teams trying to lure Dwyane Wade

The Miami Heat have some serious competition on their hands.

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

There is an argument for whether the Miami Heat should or should not pursue Dwyane Wade to add to their roster for this season. Let’s pause on that.

The news here is that there are a lot of people that want Dwyane Wade on their team. Tim Reynolds says it isn’t just between the Heat, Cavaliers and Spurs.

In fact, there are multiple teams seeking to add the veteran guard. One of those teams is also the Oklahoma City Thunder. Paul George and Carmelo Anthony are already engaged with Wade about joining them and their new group in OKC.

And at media day, multiple Heat players answered questions about Wade and said it would be great to have him there. LeBron James expressed a desire to have him there in Cleveland as well.

There is a full court press on for the services of Dwyane Wade. And the difference that the Spurs, Cavs and Thunder are that they are legitimate contenders. Sure, the Thunder and Spurs have to get better than the Warriors, which isn’t easy and they wouldn’t close the gap with Wade on paper.

But the Cavaliers could become a better favorite over the Boston Celtics by adding Wade. And Miami is stuck with a logjam of players at guard, even though this is home.

Is it the right time? What does Wade want?

We have to wait and see.