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Heat Links: Haslem is saving up his fouls for Wade

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Today’s Heat links look at Wade’s decision to join Cleveland, what Udonis had to say about it, and more!

Miami Heat Media Day Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Though not technically Heat news, former Miami superstar Dwyane Wade has reportedly decided to join the Cleveland Cavaliers. That of course is a sentence I never thought that I would have to write, but alas it’s where we’re at now. From a basketball perspective, Cleveland offers the best role for Wade, but still it would have been nice to see him come home. Anyways, onto the links.

Heat Links:

  • Udonis jokingly commented on Wade’s decision, explaining that he’d be using all 6 of his fouls in Wade’s return to Miami. [CBS Sports]
  • Heat’s Adebayo is reportedly impressing at training camp, Barry Jackson reports. [Miami Herald]
  • Barry Jackson also explains why the Heat are at peace with Wade’s decision. [Miami Herald]
  • Our very own Leonard Kreicas analyzes why Bam should spend some time in the D-League. [HHH]