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Report: Heat, Lakers appealing destinations for Wade

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Will Wade ring-hunt with LeBron, or return to Miami for one last hurrah?

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As I mentioned here, people in LeBron James’ inner circle expect Dwyane Wade to join the Cleveland Cavaliers later this year following a buyout with the Chicago Bulls.

Not so fast. The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson reported that the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers are also appealing destinations for Wade.

Moreover, WINZ-940’s Andy Slater reported that Wade’s sons Zaire and Zion are enrolled in a Miami school this year. Does this signal an impending reunion for the Heat and the franchise’s most illustrious player, or simply a desire for Wade to give his sons a return to normalcy considering their all their past years in Miami?

Udonis Haslem has already voiced his desire for Wade to come back. He spoke to the Palm Beach Post’s Tom D’Angelo over the Labor Day weekend and reiterated that desire.

“I just want Dwyane to be happy. This is the last lap for us both. We deserve to finish it the right way. Whatever makes him happy finishing his career. … hopefully it’s in Miami. I would love for it to be Miami. I want him to finish it right and have no regrets.”

For Wade, choosing to sign with the Cavaliers or the Lakers could turn into one last go-around with James for a chance for another championship. (In case you’ve been under a rock for the summer, there are copious rumors that LeBron will sign with the Lakers next year. LaVar Ball recently predicted that it would happen.)

Returning to the Heat would mean that Wade doesn’t want to ring-hunt. He would return to the franchise with which he experienced the highest of highs and lowest and lows. It was sad to see someone like Shaquille O’Neal, one of the 20 best basketball players ever, go from the Phoenix Suns to the Cavaliers to the Celtics looking for one more ring while his skills deteriorated. Wade going from Chicago to Cleveland or Los Angeles in less than two years would also be sad.

But for us to even get to this point, the Bulls and Wade have to start negotiations on a buyout. That probably won’t happen until at least February, so for now we’ll have to sit tight.