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Goran Dragic snubbed from All-Star game

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Despite holding the fourth seed, the Miami Heat won’t have any representation in the All-Star Game.

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The Miami Heat hold the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference. But that wasn’t enough to get Goran Dragic (or anyone else on the Heat) on the All-Star team, as the NBA announced the reserves today.

Out of anyone on the Heat, Dragic stood the best chance of making the All-Star team. Hassan Whiteside had missed too many games. Dragic commented on the snub on his Twitter account, noting that he can vacation in Miami over All-Star weekend.

The All-Star Game itself is meaningless, but fans and pundits bring up All-Star selections when debating NBA players. Although Dragic has made the All-NBA Third Team, he’s never made an All-Star team. Leading a band of, as Zach Lowe put it, “good, B-plus NBA players” to a home-court advantage playoff seeding despite a plethora of injuries presented a pretty strong case. Apparently for the voters, statistics matter more than winning.