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Should Heat bring back point guard Briante Weber for late-season push?

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Miami needs a ball handler in late game situations and Weber fits the bill.

Orlando Magic v Miami Heat Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

With the Miami Heat no lead is safe. Somebody with the point guard instincts of Briante Weber could handle the traps teams throw at the Heat late in games. Weber has flaws, but his strengths overcome them when Miami needs a ballhandler to calm the team down when it has a lead.

Weber would work well setting up Bam Adebayo, and relieve the pressure on Josh Richardson and Justise Winslow to deal with the tight coverage late in games. Briante is not a principle scoring threat for sure, but neither is Rajon Rondo or Patrick Beverley.

When the Heat have a 16-point lead in the fourth quarter, scoring is less of a priority than not giving the game away with five turnovers. In a previous game, three shot-clock violations in a quarter meant the Heat were a disorganized mess on offense. Briante is a shifty dude who has the quickness and handles to escape traps, double-teams and find Richardson, Winslow, Kelly Olynyk, or whomever, for dagger threes or dunks.

Rodney McGruder is set to return soon, but he’s more of a shooting guard who works best off the ball as a pest, glue-guy, three-point threat. Last season McGruder started as undersized forward, rather than a high-usage, primary facilitator.

Briante already is very familiar with Winslow, Richardson, Tyler Johnson, Erik Spoelstra, and company in what Heat Culture means. Without Dion Waiters for the rest of the season, Weber could be the natural back-up point guard the Heat need and still fit within Miami’s cap space.

The Heat could have a very underrated dynamic team with McGruder, Derrick Jones Jr., Adebayo, Winslow, Tyler, Briante, Richardson all able to be disruptive forces on defense.