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Goran Dragic appears on ESPN podcast

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Dragic appeared on Zach Lowe’s podcast for a wide-ranging conversation.

NBA: New York Knicks at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Goran Dragic is one of Zach Lowe’s favorite players to watch. At least that’s how the ESPN senior writer opened his podcast with the Miami Heat point guard earlier this week.

Dragic joined Lowe for a wide-ranging interview, discussing much more than just Dragic’s experience since donning red and black jerseys. He talks about how he lost teeth before playing NBA basketball, why he wears No. 7, and how then-Phoenix Suns President and General Manager Steve Kerr said he saw “a bit of Manu Ginobili” in him.

Dragic also admits that he did not see the Heat’s 30-11 season turnaround last year coming. To his credit, Dragic’s backcourt partner, Dion Waiters, says that he did see it coming.

In an essay he wrote for the Players Tribune last year, Waiters recounts meeting with Kevin Durant and telling him that Miami was about to win seven straight games. Durant responded that his Golden State Warriors would play the Heat in two weeks. Miami’s win over the Warriors Jan. 23, 2017 — with a game-winning 3-pointer by Waiters — was the fourth game in Miami’s 13-game win streak.

Dragic also talks about the Heat culture, and how he has his body fat percentage measured every week. Miami’s co-captain remarked that the Heat’s style of discipline isn’t for everyone, but he likes it. He talked about how James Johnson is the “glue” of the team, and how he thinks his team can get even better.

If you’re looking for a good listen in the frigid weather, put on Dragic’s interview.