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Heat throttle Nets, win 120-107

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After a few terrible losses, Miami finally redeemed themselves with a win in Brooklyn in dominating fashion

NBA: Miami Heat at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

After three awful losses, the Heat finally scored a win, and did so in dominating fashion.

The Heat started off strong, outscoring the Nets off the bat with strong play from Hassan Whiteside. Miami wouldn’t let up, delivering on offense and getting the most out of all of their roll players. They’d deliver a very strong and high scoring first quarter and head into the second with 37 points and up by 16.

The Heat continued their early dominance through the second, going up by 20. Brooklyn would however battle back to make things a lot closer, trimming the lead to just 10. Still Miami would maintain control headed into the second half.

Miami really got into their groove in the third and used it to their advantage as they extended their lead. Rodney McGruder, Bam Adebayo and Justise Winslow all did a solid job as Miami pulled away to go up by 20. The Brooklyn offense just seemed to die out leaving the Heat a great opportunity to put things away in the fourth quarter.

The Heat worked to maintain their lead in the fourth, but some mistakes would make things a little uncomfortable. Brooklyn’s 9-0 run would bring a 20 point lead down to just 13, leaving the Heat scrambling a little bit. With Brooklyn’s role players starting to step up, the Heat would lean on their role players to put the dagger in Brooklyn. With just about 3 minutes remaining, Tyler Johnson (he was great tonight) would hit a huge three that seemed to put things way.

Despite the strong effort from Shabazz Napier and co, it came just a little too late and the Heat would finally put together a much needed win (one where they never trailed).