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Goran Dragic has knee drained, out a few games

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Goran Dragic will miss a couple games for the Miami Heat.

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat just can’t get all the way healthy. Just as James Johnson finally returns for the team, we have learned that starting point guard Goran Dragic will also miss some time.

Dragic had his knee drained Monday morning in Miami and the team said that he will miss a couple games. Here was their official report.

That’s not what the Heat need. If there is any player you don’t want missing time, it is him because he is the only point guard on the roster. Spoelstra added this, “We knew it wasn’t serious but we knew it was something that needed to be taken care of... hopefully we can take care of it and wipe it out right now.”

Dragic told the media, “I was relieved it was just fluids. They got the fluid out this morning and from here on I just need to rest a little bit and get back out there.”

So it sounds like it is nothing too serious, but still at this point the Heat are at a breaking point. They are 6-10, have lost four straight home games, and can’t get healthy. Dwyane Wade should be back either Tuesday or Friday for the team after a paternity leave and that will help.

The Heat have been starting Josh Richardson at point guard without Dragic and adding Wayne Ellington into the starting lineup. They may want to consider other options because it is hasn’t turned itself into victories.