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Heat fall to Nets 104-92

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Despite many competitive periods, the Heat couldn’t keep their foot on the gas and collapsed in the fourth quarter extending the Vice jersey curse.

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Miami Heat Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

First Quarter:

It was D’Angelo Russell and the Nets who would draw first blood against the Heat. The Nets would quickly go up by eight as the Heat struggled from the field, missing on their first seven shot attempts.

McGruder would finally get the Heat on the board around the 8:24 mark. Still, the struggle early on was evident.

Miami was sound defensively, but unfortunately this isn’t hockey, a good goalie won’t get you through a basketball game.

The Heat would start to get it together and spark a small run led by Josh Richardson to get within six. They had a lot of good looks that all seemed to rim out.

Second Quarter:

The Heat were a lot stronger to start the second, with Justise Winslow giving Miami a lift to get with three. He was an absolute beast going for 9 straight points and giving the Heat their first lead.

Miami would turn Justise’s effort in a 14-0 run thanks to Ellington and James Johnson. Johnson was hustling hard in this one, he’ll be back in shape soon.

The Nets would find life towards the end of the quarter and keep things close. Miami and Brooklyn would trade shots, with both teams finding their offense. Josh Richardson would find his rhythm towards the end of the half, leaving the Heat surging headed into the second half.

Third Quarter:

The Nets came out firing in the third, pulling in within two. Thankfully, the Heat didn’t stop driving hard and continuing to put up shots. They would go back and forth for a while, with the lead swapping multiple times.

The offense was non stop from both teams in a showing of very entertaining basketball. McGruder, Wade, Adebayo and Ellington all contributed to Miami regaining and building on a small lead.

The “small” lead wouldn’t last long as the Nets pulled within two. Still Wade would keep the Nets from tying the game with a beautiful rejection.

The Heat would head into the fourth up three.

Fourth Quarter:

The Nets would tie the game early in the fourth, leaving Miami scrambling. The Nets’ resilience remind me of last year’s Heat in a lot of ways. They attacked the Heat defense relentlessly and would steal the lead by doing so.

Despite such a fast paced third quarter, Miami would enter a scoring drought that slowed things down significantly. This allowed Brooklyn to gain an eight point lead.

Whiteside would step up, delivering on some beautiful buckets to keep the Heat within striking distance.

D’Angelo Russell would work to put things away for the Nets. Miami had their opportunities, but just couldn’t convert leading to a complete Heat collapse.

For the Heat, this is just of of many winnable games that slipped away. The Vice Jersey curse is real.