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Miami Heat need point Justise Winslow to clean up one weakness as Goran Dragic mends

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Winning 7 of their last ten games puts the pressure on Miami to continue their current successes.

NBA: Miami Heat at Phoenix Suns Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

After taking care of business against Western Conference teams, the Miami Heat return to action versus the dreaded Eastern Conference squads.

Perhaps the Heat wake up later than usual since they have a 9-4 record against the teams from the West, while laying a 5-12 egg in the East.

That said, Miami faces another formidable challenge replacing Goran Dragic with Justise Winslow for the next two months, because Winslow needs to clean up his habit of throwing the ball away.

Per NBA stats Derrick Jones Jr. has the lowest Turnover Ratio in last ten games for qualifying (more than 5 games) players.

Miami Heat Turnover Ratios

Derrick Jones Jr. 96.9 11.7 3.00 1.7 61.5 13.9
Wayne Ellington 108.5 -6.0 2.00 4.4 36.9 14.7
Josh Richardson 105.4 0.8 2.67 7.5 45.3 21.5
Kelly Olynyk 99.4 9.1 1.86 9.3 58.4 19.3
Tyler Johnson 109.2 -8.2 1.50 9.4 60.1 20.6
Hassan Whiteside 108.5 -7.1 1.25 9.5 58.5 20.7
Rodney McGruder 103.3 -0.8 0.89 9.6 52.3 14.4
Dwyane Wade 102.0 4.1 2.05 10.4 43.7 27.4
Justise Winslow 96.5 6.2 1.53 12.0 53.5 20.6
Bam Adebayo 98.8 8.2 2.20 13.2 59.5 13.0
James Johnson 114.0 -14.7 1.12 13.9 51.8 22.0

Not only does Jones Jr. feast on the offensive boards, he doesn’t throw the ball away under pressure after he gets the rebound.

James Johnson and Bam Adebayo join Winslow in sometimes losing tract of game situations, as seen when Adebayo casually traveled with just over a second remaining at the end of a quarter.

LeBron James shows his ability to think under pressure in this video of 20 assists in real-time game action.

As a refresher here are ten of those dimes while James did his thing as a member of the Heat.

Noticeably as a maestro James didn’t stand at the top of the key pounding the air out of the ball waiting for his teammates, but knew where they were before he got the ball.

At the point position Josh Richardson waits until his teammates are ready for him, in a sort of self-absorbed fashion, rather than taking what they give him to work with as James does.

Derrick Jones Jr. scans his competition around the rim to sneak around them grabbing the ball before they can react, and he seems to know where his teammates are after a rebound.

Winslow excels against bench players, but will need to get a better read of frontline opponents as his usage rate increases while Dragic recovers from surgery.

As James demonstrated the elite passers can scan the floor in the blink of an eye and make the right call without overthinking.

Reminds me a bit of quarterback Tom Brady, who’s an average athlete at best, but can process game situations in real time before his opponents can react.

If Winslow, Adebayo and/or James Johnson cut down their turnovers by watching their opponents more, and the ball less, perhaps the empty possessions won’t be so empty after all.