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Miami faces a Heat check in Orlando on the road seeking its fifth consecutive win

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The Heat hope have some of their own pre-Christmas magic following two losses to the Magic this season.

NBA: Miami Heat at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat will face their own “heat check” in Orlando against a team who whooped them twice this season.

The Orlando Magic thoroughly embarrassed Miami in their previous game before a home crowd, 105-90, in AmericanAirlines Arena, and provided intriguing drama afterwards.

Riding high on a four-game winning streak, the Heat will look to give themselves and their fans an early Christmas present in their march towards a .500 record for now.

As Dion Waiters approaches his return to the court on Waiters Island, he’s a player who believes he always has a “Green Light” regardless of what anyone says.

When a player is given the approval by his coach to shoot at any time regardless of the distance of the shot or time on the clock. A player given the “green light” to shoot has “no conscience”, meaning he has no regrets about any shot taken at any time.

With their length and athleticism Orlando provides Miami a “heat check” to find out whether their recent successes are for real.

By the way Joel Embiid said the doesn’t like shooting 3-pointers, but prefers to work in the paint.

”I don’t like shooting 3s,” Embiid said. “I only do it because of the spacing that we have, and sometimes I have to take them. I have to be on the perimeter, just getting guys open, because of all the attention that sometimes it seems are presented to me.

”I don’t like shooting 3s. I only do it because I got to make it work, but the last couple games, mainly the last two games, my mindset has been, if I’m on the perimeter, it doesn’t mean that I have to shoot 3s. Even if I’m wide open, I think I had a couple of opportunities tonight and last game against the [New York] Knicks where I could’ve shot it, but I took one dribble and I took a midway shot.

In the Toronto Raptors game, Embiid treated his defenders as “rag dolls.”

Instead, when faced with a size mismatch during the game -- which, let’s be honest, is just about anytime Embiid is on the court -- he made a point of turning Toronto’s defenders into rag dolls as he repeatedly steamrollered his way to the hoop.

Regardless whether inside or outside, the Heat will check to who has the hot hand before recessing for Christmas dinners at home.