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Josh Richardson shows off his DJ skills

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Josh Richardson explained his passion for music during the TNT talent segment during All-Star Weekend.

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Photo by World Red Eye

When he’s not draining threes, or blocking shots Josh Richardson has a passion for music. DJing has become a hobby of his, one that’s bled from an offseason obsession into an on plane habit as per some Hassan Snap stories. Richardson has even formed friendships with other DJs including, Kygo.

Book me to turn your next party up (But really tho)

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JRich explained his passion for DJ’ing on the NBA All-Star TNT Roadshow segment. He referenced his musical education at the University of Tennessee before talking about some of the ins and outs of DJing.

As per the video, it’s obvious that Shaq and Snoop thinks he needs to continue work on improving, but still it’s cool to see Josh enjoying himself. Who knows, maybe he’ll have a succesful DJ career after his playing days like former Miami Heat center Rony Seikaly.