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What will Miami Heat pay to keep Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem next season?

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How does Miami deal with resigning four free agents and the two major salary bumps coming up?

Milwaukee Bucks v Miami Heat Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Dwyane Wade loves being back in his adopted town with the Miami Heat.

“Miami!!! I missed you. We’re back from AllStar and we have a lot of work to do. We’re going to need each and every last one of you to help us end this season in Miami Heat fashion! Let’s go HeatNation”

Both Wade and Udonis Haslem are unrestricted free agents this summer, as are Wayne Ellington and Luke Babbitt.

Tyler Johnson receives a $13 million raise, and Josh Richardson a $8 million one, for a total increase of $21 million between both of them in 2018-19.

Meanwhile, the Heat are committed for an increase of almost $6 million for the rest of the other players, which adds up to about $27 million bump before signing any free agents.

Miami was under the 2017 the luxury tax threshold of $117 million with the lower salaries of Tyler Johnson and Richardson this season.

Depending on the 2018 salary cap, the Heat may have to pay a luxury tax next season for a team that’s current an 8th seeded one, and that’s before resigning any of their own free agents.

How does Miami keep Wade, Haslem, Ellington and/or Babbitt where they belong, when the franchise already faces a potentially steep luxury tax penalty with their current obligations?

Heat fans need another fantastic finish for the ages by the team to cheer the band on for a while longer.