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Blasphemy! Indy thinks D-Wade’s “My House” celebration belongs to Oladipo

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I mean, are we serious right now?

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Come on, Indianapolis, you are better than this! The IndyStar made me click on it and I regretted it because it has no substance to it. The iconic, “This is my house” or “This is my city” did not originate with the Indiana Pacers Victor Oladipo no matter which way you slice it.

Wade hit a game winner last night and celebrated as such....

But some people don’t think it’s his.

Oladipo started doing that this year in Indianapolis, a few miles away where he played at IU. Here’s what he said about “his” signature celebration.

And here is him doing it.

But here’s the problem. Dwyane Wade his been doing this since Vic was 16 years old! And here’s where it all started....

And that’s not the only time. I’m not even going to post them all. I will let you do that in the comments below. Truth is, Victor Oladipo looks up to Dwyane Wade. He’s one of the reasons he went to play at IU under Tom Crean, who coached Wade at Marquette. Maybe Oladipo is paying homage to Wade through this.

Either way, Wade did not steal this from Vic and it’s shameful to even think that he did.