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Tyreke Evans might fix Miami Heat’s woes on offense to secure playoff berth

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Rumors indicate the Heat could be interested in Evans to spark their offense this season.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Memphis Grizzlies Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Could Chester, PA native Tyreke Evans bring some “Philly Cheese” to the Miami Heat offense? Keith Pompey writes the Heat might think so.

This is what the former Rookie of the Year brings to the table.

The biggest problem comes from the Memphis Grizzlies demanding a draft pick which the Heat can’t offer without a third team’s help.

However another angle to the saga is Marc Gasol’s wearing out his welcome in Memphis. A change of scenery for Gasol and Hassan Whiteside might work out best for both of them.

The trade machine confirms a Evans plus Gasol for Whiteside swap works.

News that both Evans and Whiteside are currently inactive adds further intrigue to the drama.

The Grizzlies get a younger player, while the Heat significantly upgrade their offense, with Evans and Gasol in the lineup, in an attempt to secure a top-4 seed this season.