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Josh Richardson wants to be like Dwyane Wade

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As Josh Richardson emerges as one of Miami’s most valuable players, he explains that there are still things he’d like to pick up from the 12 time All-Star.

Miami Heat V Charlotte Hornets - Game Two Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Josh Richardson has been a force for Miami this season. After a slow start, he’s quickly emerged as one of Miami’s most consistent offensive and defensive weapons. He’s been the one to keep Miami in games at times, never scared to shoulder the load if necessary. His development has been a joy to watch and now with Wade back, he’s hoping he can learn a few more things from old mentor.

As reported by Andre C. Fernandez, Josh had a some great quotes on Wade’s return:

On Wade’s open praise of his game:

“It’s something I never thought I’d hear Dwyane Wade say, that he’s impressed with how I played,” Richardson said. “But I’m grateful for that praise and super impressed with what he’s done in his career and I hope I can just learn from him and emulate some of the things he’s done.”

On his development:

“I didn’t know my game or I didn’t how to be effective on the court my rookie year so I didn’t really know who to take stuff from or what to take,” “But now I think I’ve developed my own style and I think I can take a few things of what Trey [Wade] does and add that to what I want to start doing.”

On becoming “Clutch”:

“I just wanna see how he goes about it and how he approaches it because my rookie year I was just like, ‘Oh my God, D-Wade is gonna get the ball, I can’t wait to see what happens,’” “Now I want to start knowing things, how he does it. I want to start learning all the small stuff that he does so hopefully one day I can end up doing the things that he does.”

It’s obvious that Wade is well loved by his former teammates. Richardson, being one of many. Still it will be interesting to see how his return affects the established offensive roles of Miami’s core. It probably won’t be by very much, Wade is a pro, and I for one can’t wait to see him mentor the young guns once again.