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In Zach Lowe’s opinion, Josh Richardson is best all-around player on the Heat this season

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Lowe compares 6’6” Richardson to 6’2” George Hill’s rearview blocking ability as a singular talent.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In Zach Lowe’s opinion, Josh Richardson is the best all-around player on the Miami Heat this season.

Say it with me: Richardson is the Miami Heat’s best all-around player. He is a threat both on and off the ball -- must-have versatility for a star-less team that compensates by turning all five players into live-wire threats.

Richardson is among the very best at trailing ball-handlers around screens, lurking behind them, and swatting at the ball:

Coaches call that a rearview challenge. In his Indiana prime, George Hill was perhaps the preeminent rearview challenger among point guards. Richardson is longer, springier and meaner. He’s like a horror movie villain: Even if you can’t see him, you hear his footsteps and feel his presence.

Now if the “horror movie villian” Richardson could channel his inner Giannis Antetokounmpo on the offense end, JRich could be quite a force for the team due to his similar lanky frame and style to a shorter, but quicker version of the “Greek Freak.”

Notice how much ground Richardson covers so fast with his long-limbed body to deliver a perfect lob for a Dwyane Wade dunk.

Not to be upstaged, other members of the “Vice” squad have their own fan base for the alpha dog title in Miami, including Dion Waiters waiting in the wings for next season.

Hassan Whiteside might say nuts to being disrespected, with great ball movement on this big dunk over Joel Embiid.

Justise Winslow has a case for justice eventually being served, because time is on his side to develop his game, while he sometimes getting physical along the way to prove his point.

Lest we forget, in addition to his stifling defense on Ben Simmons in the last Phialdelphia 76ers game, James Johnson occasionally gets nasty at the rim.

”Best Player” on the Miami Heat remains a work in progress, beause in any one game, any one player can get the win for Miami.

And getting the W is all that matters, isn’t it?