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Chris Bosh talks Big Three era, health with Bill Simmons

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Bosh thoughtfully discussed several topics from his days with the Miami Heat.

Gourmet PB&Js with Verizon Up, Paul Pierce and Chris Bosh Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Verizon

Former Miami Heat player Chris Bosh joined The Ringer’s Bill Simmons for a two-part interview on Simmons’ podcast.

Simmons called the interview one of the best basketball podcasts he’s done, and it’s clear why. Bosh recounts the scintillating 2013 NBA Finals with a play-by-play that will fill any Heat fan’s ears with nostalgia. He laughs when talking about how Erik Spoelstra got mad at how often the Heat fell behind by 20 points (only to make roaring comebacks) during their 27-game winning streak.

He also talks about how he essentially played the two-guard for Miami, with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade as their “traditional” post players. And he gets into his blood clot issues in 2015 and 2016 that threatened his life. He says that he and Pat Riley are on good terms, and that they just had lunch a couple months ago.

The massive interview — the two parts clock in about two hours total — is great listening. Bosh touches on everything from Kevin Love’s Players Tribune post about his mental health issues to the evolution of the NBA game. Make sure to queue it up before your next commute.