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GAME RECAP: Heat drop OT game to Kings after comeback

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The lost their 9th straight game on the road and their second this season to the Sacramento Kings.

NBA: Miami Heat at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat fall to to 36-33 on the season after they suffered an embarrassing loss to the Sacramento Kings (22-47). The Heat had a chance to capitalize on a loss in the same night by the Milwaukee Bucks, but the Kings just had the Heat’s number, mostly De’Aaron Fox.

The Heat lost on OT, 123-119.

Miami played without Hassan Whiteside, Dwyane Wade and Josh Richardson — all who didn’t play because of minor injuries. And that is significant because all three are really important parts to the Heat’s offense and defense.

Regardless, the Heat began the game just how they wanted, having an 11-point lead in the opening quarter. But once the second quarter rolled around, that was quickly erased and turned into a deficit that didn’t leave. Miami was pounded in the paint by the Kings and they couldn’t stop them from scoring.

The Heat trailed by as many as 16 points to the Kings in the 4th quarter. And then they made a run. One of those runs was 14-0 with 11 straight points by Goran Dragic to give them the lead. Dragic was hitting shots and getting the basket and the line. And although he will get much of the credit and publicity for that, it was the Heat’s defense that changed, tightened and provided the needed difference to create a comeback. A 19-2 run by Miami was key, but it was holding the Kings to 20 points in the 4th that was important.

And it was De’Aaron Fox again with a shot at the buzzer to send this game to overtime. Once in OT, the Kings took the lead and kept it. Miami had their chances, but they couldn’t score with the Kings. And as much as their defense got them in the game, it helped them lose it.

Dragic had 33 points for Miami to lead the way with 15 coming in the 4th quarter. Bam Adebyao had a career high 16 rebounds as well.

Fox had 20 points, Zach Randolph pounded in 22 and Buddy Hield shot his way to 24 points off the bench for the Kings. A sad loss to another lower level team this season for the Heat who can’t win on the road.

The Heat next play on Friday against the Lakers in L.A.