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Two late officiating errors went against the Miami Heat in Sacramento Kings’ game

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In last 10 seconds referees missed two calls in the Kings favor.

NBA: Miami Heat at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

During the wild end of regulation time in the Miami Heat loss to the Sacramento Kings, the Heat should have had possession of the basketball on two separate occasions.

The NBA OFFICIATING Last Two Minute Report concluded Goran Dragic was fouled by De’Aaron Fox in the scramble for the loose ball with about 10 seconds left in regulation time.

A correct call would have sent Dragic to the free-throw line, with Miami leading 110-109, for two shoots instead of giving the Kings possession of the ball due to a 24-second violation by the Heat.

Then on the ensuing inbound play Bogdan Bogdanovic went over the 5 second limit to inbound the ball to a teammate.

The L2M doesn’t change the outcome of a tight game, but gives some solace to fans that Miami didn’t lose the game all on their own.