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One problem the Miami Heat has allowed the Los Angeles Lakers to shred their defense

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Miami survived a poor jump shooting Sixers team, but not the sharpshooting Lakers.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The undiscplined Miami Heat defense escaped a Philadelphia 76ers squad that excels in the restricted area, but doesn’t have good mid-range shooters.

In the Sixers game Josh Richardson left JJ Redick alone, while Josh ran around trying to pad his stats chasing a steal or block, and left Redick wide open for a shot.

Fortunately Redick missed the game winner, but Richardson wasn’t as lucky against the Los Angeles Lakers.

In the clip below Isaiah Thomas dribbles down the court, notices Richardson gives him plenty of room for a good look, and easily nails a 3-pointer.

This basket by Thomas was just too easy.

In final clip Bam Adebayo plays fantastic defense on his man, while James Johnson watches everyone and everything but Kyle Kuzma, who’s open for a 3-point basket.

An undiscplined approach on defense works against slower teams like the Memphis Grizzlies, but fails when confronted by teams with excellent shooters.

Miami played tight and tenacious man-to-man defense against the Lakers most of the time, but paid the price when they slacked off.

The ball doesn’t put itself in the basket, only a person can do that.

When the Heat defenders watch the ball and not their man, they’re paying attention to the wrong thing.