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Dwyane Wade visits Stoneman Douglas High

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Wade spoke with students about bridging the gap between students from Parkland, Florida and those from his hometown of Chicago.

2018 JBL Three-Point Contest Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Just hours after flying back to Miami from the Heat’s overtime loss to the Washington Wizards Tuesday night, Dwyane Wade visited Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school, the site of the Parkland massacre on Feb. 14.

Wade also retweeted several tweets from Emma González, one of the most outspoken survivors of the attack. González tweeted that, “People of color in inner-cities and everywhere have been dealing with this for a despicably long time, and the media cycles just don’t cover the violence the way they did here.” Wade affirmed González’s sentiment, pointing a conversation he had with the students about the high school kids from Parkland, Florida and those from his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

Wade even came to the defense of González when a Twitter user chided her for retweeting Wade’s social media posts but skipping a visit from Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.