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Dwyane Wade sends Justise Winslow a message of appreciation for their time together

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Wade and Winslow continue their journey like it was 2015 all over again.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Miami Heat Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Dwyane Wade posted an instagram message celebrating his reunion with rook1, Justise Winslow.

I left my little bro a year and a half ago and neither of us was ourselves but we back at it. Love this kid. Keep shining little bro

Judging by the way Winslow has performed for the Miami Heat, his partnership with Wade off the bench has paid off for both them and the team.

In the 11 games since Wade came home to his adopted city, Winslow played the fourth most minutes (279) on the team, was second in rebounds (56) and steals (19).

What grabs everyone’s attention is his team-leading 54% 3P%, yet Winslow’s 39% 2PT% tells us his future success in the NBA lies in dominating other areas of his game.

My take is Shaquille O’Neal had a championship and Hall Of Fame career in spite of averaging 52.7% from the free-throw line and having 3310 turnovers versus 3026 assists.

Winslow’s contemporary Devin Booker gets rave reviews, but the Phoenix Suns were 39-43 the season before he was drafted, and 66-165 with him on the team: so much for pure scorers dragging their teams to championships.

O’Neal needed a Kobe Bryant and a Wade to compliment his skill set, just as Winslow needs a scorer to fill in the gaps in his game.

This clip shows how a Winslow deflection leads to an exciting Wade basket off a spot-on Josh Richardson assist.

ICYMI: @DwyaneWade turned back the clock and pulled another trick out of his bag to help close out the Sixers last night!

Wade is turning back the clock as Winslow and Richardson play the Scottie Pippen role for a shooting guard who still his moments.