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Hassan Whiteside on Joel Embiid: ‘Another dude, he just talks more.’

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The Heat center said he would not engage after Embiid called a play Whiteside made “kind of dirty.”

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Joel Embiid called a foul by Hassan Whiteside “kind of dirty” after the Miami Heat’s victory over the Philadelphia 76ers Thursday night. Whiteside, who has (verbally) sparred with Embiid since the pre-season, said that he would not respond to the Sixers center. But Whiteside characterized Embiid as “another dude, he just talks more.”

The history between Whiteside and Embiid goes back to the pre-season, when Embiid let the Heat bench know he was causing Whiteside to get in foul trouble. The two then traded insults on Twitter.

As for Thursday night, TNT’s Charles Barkley said that Whiteside gave an “ass-kicking” to Embiid.