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Josh Richardson could hold the key for a Miami Heat win in playoff opener at home

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The Sixers will be ready for a physical Heat team in Miami, so a surprise twist would be in order.

NBA: Miami Heat at Atlanta Hawks Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat got physical with the Philadelphia 76ers in game two of their NBA Playoffs first round series, and the visitors expect more of the same in South Beach.

Since the Sixers may game plan for another bruising battle versus the Heat, Josh Richardson pulling a Klay Thompson could leave Philadelphia scrambling for answers.

In the first two playoff games Richardson made only 1 of his 9 three point attempts, which is far below his ability to punish teams for giving him open looks at the perimeter.

Meanwhile the rest of the Heat starting wings, Goran Dragic, Tyler Johnson, James Johnson, went 10 of 15 on their 3-point field goal attempts versus Philadelphia.

Surrounding Hassan Whiteside, with four legitimate outside threats, would force more 76ers rebounders out of the painted area to guard the 3-point line, and give Hassan opportunities to do what he does best on offense: “dunk on people.”

The 76ers haven’t seen Richardson’s full “bag of tricks,” so it’s time for Josh to school them on how nasty he can be when he brings his complete array of talents on the court.