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Bam Adebayo plans to work on “everything” during the offseason

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After a promising rookie season, Adebayo is ready to put in the necessary work to come back even better for his sophomore season.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Miami Heat Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Bam Adebayo was pleasant surprise for the Heat this season. After being selected 14th in the 2017 NBA draft, many didn’t know what to expect from Bam. Many were confused because the Heat had recently maxed Hassan Whiteside, who was coming off a solid year.

Well Bam quickly showed what he was about, displaying heart, hustle and grit during his rookie season while averaging 6.9 points and 5.5 rebounds per game. With Whiteside folding during the playoffs, Adebayo became essential for the Heat and did a heck of a job.

Bam isn’t ready to stay stagnant. As reported by the Palm Beach Post, Bam is going to spend the summer working. He explained saying:

“The summer is all about working.” “So this summer, I’m just going to get in the gym. I’m going to be prepared even more than this year.”

When asked about whether or not he will transition into a power forward after spending most of this season at center, he said:

“Man, I’m a basketball player, pretty much,” “I just go out there and do what I got to do with this team. Whatever coach needs me to do, I do.”

He explained that this summer, he won’t be working on one specific thing:

“Our staff does a great job of helping us with everything, so I can’t say one particular thing,” “You know, [assistant coaches Juwan Howard and Chris Quinn], they’re in the gym with us every day, so I would have to say everything.”

Finally Bam commented the Heat and on the playoff experience saying:

We had a great group of guys. We went out there and fought for each other like we were really brothers and we developed a brotherhood, D-Wade coming back and he just helped us from there. And with [Udonis Haslem], they’ve been to three championships, so they know what it’s like. So for us to go out like this … speechless. But I had a great time just being beside U.D., D-Wade and all my teammates. I had fun this year.”

“I love this city,” he said. “I could be any place and it’s cold right now. But I’m thankful to be here. Pat [Riley] saw something in me in my pre-draft workout. I’m glad he did and I’m glad he drafted me.”

Bam was a pleasure to watch this season. Here’s hoping next year is even better for him.