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In the last two games one glaring weakness of the Miami Heat painfully surfaced as playoffs loom

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Will the Heat’s bench be up to playoff standards once the “real” season begins?

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In the last two contests against lottery teams, the Miami Heat’s bench players almost lost both of them due its atrocious defense against speedy players.

In the clip below Isaiah Taylor, shows how the bench’s defense cannot stop fast defenders, as he blows by them for an easy basket at the rim.

Isaiah Taylor already has 9 points and 3 assists and we’re just getting started.

Later former Heat Summer Leaguer Damion Lee outruns three defenders down the court, and then makes a basket against two Heat defenders in the paint. i.e. he out-hustles all five Heat players on the court by himself.

From coast tooooo coast.

The Heat bench ranked 27th out of 30 NBA teams in the two last games when defending the more aggressive style of the Brooklyn Nets and Atlanta Hawks youngsters on the court.

Miami Heat last 2 games

Starters 104.7 88.9 15.8 5th
Bench 89.8 111.3 -21.4 28th
HEAT - - plus/minus -
Starters - - 9.5 5th
Bench - - -8.5 27th

The Heat starters were fifth best against lottery-level starters, which won’t be the case in the playoffs, when they face the starters of a top-three Eastern Conference team in the first round on the road.

The hyped depth of the Heat team became exposed under the stress test of speed and effort, which simply shredded the non-existent defensive effort of the slow-footed rotation players.

Four regular season games remain to fix the problem with some personnel changes, because you can’t teach speed (or height) no matter how hard a player tries.