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Has Dwyane Wade made the Heat bench lethal?

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Since joining the Heat, the bench has been the NBA best.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s still a little bit strange isn’t it? Dwyane Wade continues to come off the bench for the Miami Heat, the franchise that he is the leader in nearly every major category. He spent 13 years here before departing in free agency. And now, his return has him in a bench role.

Which is fine, this isn’t about whether that is right or wrong, but maybe just one more time he could be in the starting lineup and have Michael Biamonte call his name...

That’s besides the point. The point is this, tucked away in a scouting report note from Anthony Chiang of the Palm Beach Post was this little nugget:

Since Dwyane Wade was traded to the Heat on Feb. 8, Miami’s bench has averaged a league-high 48.1 points per game.

That’s some interesting stuff right there. From the outside there have been times that Wade has certainly been a helpful hand. He is able to create his own shot, he’s been great in the clutch and had a number of games where he’s scored 20+ off the bench.

That’s enough to move them pretty far up the line in bench scoring.

Call it what you want, but it seems that the acquisition of Dwyane Wade has made the Miami Heat bench a lethal scoring weapon, and that is very welcomed because sometimes the starters need a little help.