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Heat scouts working diligently despite lack of draft pick

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While the Heat may have no draft pick, they’re certainly staying active as the draft approaches and getting ready to make a move.

NBA: Miami Heat-Pat Riley Press Conference Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Heat are once again without a draft pick. With that being said, they aren’t without hope. In an article by Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel, Ira reveals what the Heat are up to as the draft approaches.

He explains that Miami is upping the ante when it comes to scouting. This week alone they’ll have scouts in NYC, Bradenton, Atlanta and Myrtle Beach for workouts. Then they’ll be off to Vegas for seven workout showcases.

So why are they taking this unique approach? They’ve learned from having no draft pick in 2016.

Chet Kammerer, Heat vice president of player personnel explained Miami’s approach saying:

“What would happen in the past is we would have a player we liked and we had him coming in at such and such a date. You usually want six guys, so you really have a player that you really wanted and you have fillers. And so what happens is you get them ready and like the day or two before they’re set to come in for the workouts, ‘Well, we’ve got chance to work out for Milwaukee. They have the 38th pick; you have none. So we’re going to Milwaukee.’ And you’re left hanging.

”So what we have found out to do and we’re going to do this year and even next week, we’re going to go to like six different pro workouts. And we’re even splitting up as a staff to cover them all.”

“And we go there not only to watch that workout, but we also would use that as a mini-Chicago, where we interview players,” “It’s not us running the workouts, but we’re going to get to look at as many people as we can among our staff.

”And those that we are totally unfamiliar with, we will try to set up a time when we can interview the player and get to know them on the personal side some time during that day.”

“It’s almost more difficult not having a pick than it is when you know you have one at a certain spot,” “And the reason I say that is it kind of makes the task larger, because you don’t know what you have and you have to be prepared for at least three different scenarios.”

”Probably the three areas we focus in on as a staff would be something that gets us in the 20s if we made a trade of some sort. The second would be something which we have looked almost every year, and that is the possibility of coming after a pick in the 30s or late 30s or somewhere in there, where you can purchase a pick. You got to be ready for something in the 30s. And then one we’ve done almost every year is trying to pick out the 61st first pick. And everybody laughs at that. But you realize that a lot of times we’ve been fortunate enough to pick players for our summer-league team that turn around and become players worth our roster.”

“We’ve got our schedule for the next two weeks,” “We’re splitting up our staff. We’re going to be everywhere.”

This should be good news for Heat fans. While it’s a bummer not having a high draft pick, the Heat are great at combing for talent. From Udonis Haslem to Josh Richardson, Miami is usually able to find talent where others can’t. With them being “everywhere” over the next couple weeks, it’s possible that the Heat might be able to come away from this draft with a hidden gem.