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Whiteside takes shot at Heat in Instagram post

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Hassan Whiteside made a 3-pointer in a video before saying he’s not “allowed” to shoot.

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Hassan Whiteside complained about his lack of playing time earlier this season. Now, the Heat center has taken to social media to take a shot at his team for another reason — the fact that he’s discouraged to shoot jumpers.

In a video he posted to Instagram, Whiteside says, “you don’t know I got that jumper” before launching a shot from beyond the 3-point line. After the ball goes in, he delivers a pointed message: ‘There’s a difference between ‘you can’t shoot’ and ‘you’re not allowed.’”

Whiteside took just two 3-pointers last season, knocking down both of them. He attempted 47 shots from 16-to-24 feet from the basket, making 19 of them (about 40%).

This social media post isn’t the first time Whiteside has voiced displeasure with his role in the offense. He said, “Coach just wants me to be in the corner and set picks” after the Heat fell in Game 3 of their first-round series against the Philadelphia 76ers.

The North Carolina native apparently didn’t take Dion Waitersadvice; Waiters said, “the best thing to do is bite your tongue sometimes.” Pat Riley also criticized Whiteside’s performance, saying he wasn’t in great shape and “wasn’t fully conditioned for a playoff battle mentally.”

Does this Instagram post signal the end of the Whiteside/Heat marriage, or can Erik Spoelstra and Whiteside repair their relationship? Let us know what you think in the comments.