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LeBron met with Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem prior to NBA Finals

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LeBron met with his former Heat teammates before facing the Warriors in the NBA Finals.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Udonis Haslem revealed recently that LeBron visited him and Wade prior to the NBA Finals. However, there were no “join up” talks had. Still Udonis’ quotes are very interesting.

On what happened:

“Right before they started the Finals against Golden State, I spent some time with Bron,” “He was in Miami. Me, him and Dwyane got together and we spent some time together and we just chopped it up and we just talked.”

On joining back up:

“That wasn’t part of the conversation,” “Obviously, he was getting ready for the NBA Finals.”

On potentially recruiting LeBron back:

“There are great pieces here and we all know the city loves him and we all know what he’s capable of doing,” “I’m sure the organization and I would love to have him. But as a friend, once again, I support LeBron with whatever decision he makes. So we’ll see. Am I going to be a part of the recruiting process? Hell yeah. If he reaches out and we talk, I’m going to throw it out there. But you just never know.”

LeBron’s future is unclear, but it’s safe to say that South Florida would welcome back the king who helped bring them two NBA championships.