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Popovich gave a hint of whom he considers the top 35 American NBA players today: no Heat player made the list

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In a potential Kawhi Leonard swap no Heat player was among Gregg Popovich’s top 35 USA Olympic invites next month.

Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat - Game Four Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Putting a deal together for the services of Kawhi Leonard won’t be that easy for the Miami Heat if Gregg Popovich demands a top-35 American NBA caliber player in return.

Earlier this year the 2018-20 USA Men’s National Team roster was announced for the July 25-27 USA Men’s National Team minicamp in Las Vegas.

As part of the 2017-20 USA Basketball National Team coaching staff, Gregg Popovich, along with managing director Jerry Colangelo, placed the following players eligible for the USA squad:

Whether a bundling a group of Miami’s players would be enough to sway Popovich to look in Miami’s direction remains To Be Determined.

The names above give an idea of whom he respects, among eligble Team USA men, to be approximately on the same level as Kawhi Leonard and perhaps give a fair exchange of talent in return.

The next step in the evolution of the Heat this coming season would for a for a Heat player to break out enough to be considered as a substitute if needed later on.