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The night Miami Heat broke the stat system in 149-141 win over the Nuggets

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Miami scored the most points in a single game last season in an epic victory.

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Miami Heat Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

For a single evening the Miami Heat scored more points than any team in the NBA last season in its 149-141 win over the Denver Nuggets.

The game literally fried the NBA stat system.

They broke the stat system. That’s how good Miami and Denver were -- even modern technology couldn’t keep up with the Heat and Nuggets.

There was no official box score after the game, because the system crashed in the first overtime period and crews were scrambling to determine official numbers long after the final buzzer.

This Miami team’s 149 points, in one regular season game, bested the production by any squad in Heat franchise history, including those from the formidable “Big 3” era.

The Heat scored more points in a single game than any NBA team last season: even topping the 148 by the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder.

The 290 combined points by both teams was one of top 50 highest-scoring games in the history of the NBA, and only one point shy for most points in a game this decade.

Though the Heat needed two overtime periods to reach the 149 points, they remained aggressive throughout the entire game by never scoring less than 26 points in any quarter.

Who were the five players most responsible for causing this mayhem on offense by Miami?

  • Goran Dragic
  • Wayne Ellington
  • Josh Richardson
  • James Johnson
  • Kelly Olynyk

In 15 minutes together they:

  • shot 61% from the field
  • 56% on treys
  • converted 82% of their free throws
  • had 7 assists versus 2 turnovers
  • drew 10 personal fouls

Notably Hassan Whiteside and Dion Waiters were out due to injuries.

What the Heat displayed that evening wasn’t great defense, but a relentless offense which never, ever gave up: every time the Nuggets scored, the Heat punched back twice as hard, and eventually wore the Nuggets out to earn a win.

That’s a trait the Golden State Warriors possessed in the last four seasons on the road to three championships.

Looking at last year’s final regular season’s standings, the Warriors weren’t the best defensive team, but the highest scoring one in the NBA.

Their finals opponent, the Cleveland Cavaliers, had the third-worst defense in the Eastern Conference.

The team with second-worst defense in the west, the New Orleans Pelicans, swept the Portland Trail Blazers out of the first round in four games.

Miami’s five mobsters, Dragic, Ellington, Richardson, J. Johnson, Olynyk, aren’t the team’s five best defenders, but they never let the other team take a breather on defense.

By scoring the most points for a single game in the NBA last season perhaps the Heat have more firepower and resilience than given credit for.

The answer to the Heat’s resurgence this coming season may lie within the current squad itself: field players with a fierce offensive mindset who get up after giving up a basket, and then score two of their own.