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Report: ‘Good chance’ Dwyane Wade signs for $5.4 million exception

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That is, if Wade decides to play another NBA season.

Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat - Game Four Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Impending free agent Dwyane Wade has already said that if he decides to play another NBA season, he’ll remain with the Miami Heat. Now we have information on how much money he’d be willing to accept.

The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson reported that if Wade plays for another year, “there’s a good chance” that he’ll sign for the $5.4 million taxpayer exception. Jackson also said that according to the Associated Press, Wade is unlikely to accept anything less than that if he returns.

If Wade signs for that exception, Miami would then only be able to sign free agents to minimum-salary contracts (with the exception of Wayne Ellington — read more about that here).