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Can Miami Heat beat the NBA draft lottery system with a Summer League steal?

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Miami turns its attention to Sacramento and beyond after an uneventful lottery night.

Miami Heat v Indiana Pacers Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Miami Heat were bystanders on lottery night, but kept an eye out for potential invitees once Summer League action starts July second in Sacramento.

Ira Winderman and others named some who players who will be Miami’s representatives on their summer team starting in July.


  • Bam Adebayo
  • Derrick Jones Jr.
  • Derrick Walton Jr.


Ike Nwamu


  • Dikembe Dixson
  • Matt Farrell
  • Jarrod Jones (undrafted 2012)
  • Daryl Macon
  • Yante Maten
  • Duncan Robinson
  • Justin Tillman

Dikembe Dixon - age: 22; height: 6’7”; weight 200 lbs; position: SF; notes - on 2017 Julius Erving watch list of 20 players along with Jayson Tatum, Dwyane Bacon, OG Anunoby, Justin Jackson; in his last season had ORtg 92, DRtg 102 and 26 assists with 89 turnovers; NSL report “He tested well athletically at the Pro Basketball Combine, and he also excelled as a shooter, as he was one of the better performers at that event. However, his shooting percentages have not been great over the course of his collegiate career, and he will need to work to become a better playmaker.”

Matt Farrell - age: 23; height: 6’1”; weight 175 lbs; position: PG; notes - final season ORtg 114, DRtg 108; 6.2 OBPM, -0.8 DBPM; minus defender, but runs offense.

Jarrod Jones - age: 28; height: 6’9”; weight 230 lbs; position: PF; notes - for Pınar Karşıyaka last season he averaged 17 PPG, 6 REB, 1.9 AST, 1.8 TOV, 0.503 FG%, 0.387 3PG%, 0.752 FT%, 0.591 TS%, ORtg 112.9, DRtg 114.6; writes “Long arms (7-2 wingspan), wide shoulders and frame give his outlook a lot of intrigue,” which suggests a bigger version of JRich

Daryl Macon - age: 22; height: 6’3”; weight 185 lbs; position: PG; notes - final season ORtg 126, DRtg 110; 8.7 OBPM, -0.8 DBPM; minus defender, but runs offense.

Yante Maten - age: 22; height: 6’8”; weight 240 lbs; position: PF; notes - final season ORtg 120, DRtg 101; 5.9 OBPM, 3.5 DBPM; two-way skills

Duncan Robinson - age: 24; height: 6’8”; weight 216 lbs; position: SF; notes - final season ORtg 124, DRtg 99; 5.1 OBPM, 3.1; two-way skills.

Justin Tillman - age: 22; height: 6’7”; weight 220 lbs; position: SF; notes - final season ORtg 118, DRtg 103; 3.2 OBPM, -1.1 DBPM; NSL report “Justin Tillman is a tough, physical combo forward that rebounds the ball well, and he can get scores in the post as well as off the dribble. On the other hand, he is undersized to play inside, and he will likely need to improve his perimeter skills.”

Last season Kelly Olynyk introduced a new wrinkle to the Heat playbook with his brand of cerebral basketball, which compensated for his average athletic ability.

The success Miami had with the “Platinum Group” could steer Heat coaches in a new direction for next season by preferring players with high basketball IQs.

As Miami evaluates its propects this summer, it may look into how quickly they make the right plays, at the right time, under pressure, when on the court in real time.

Dixson (6’7”), Jones (6’9”), Maten (6’8”), Robinson (6’8”), and Tillman (6’7”) all fit the defintion of the NBA wing with the ablity to switch on defense and play positionless basketball.

Farrell and Macon can score from deep off the dribble and set up pick-and-roll plays for Hassan Whiteside with their ability to score on the dribble from the perimeter.

Notably none of them are traditional bigs, as the Heat may look for ways to unlock the talents of players who are on the roster already.

My landline phone with the extra-long cord worked fine in its day, but eventually I had to cut the cord to stay relevant with today’s lifestyle.

We’ll see which of Summer League players can cut the cord from the high-flying, two-point, schoolyard ball of yesterday tto keep up with smarts needed in today’s version of NBA basketball and earn a spot on the Heat roster.