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Don’t sleep on Josh Richardson and the Miami Heat next season

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The drama about Hassan Whiteside and the 2018 draft has put news of other Miami Heat players on hold.

NBA: Playoffs-Miami Heat at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Recent news about Miami Heat’s young talent, such as Josh Richardson (24), Justise Winslow (22), and Dion Waiters (26) has notably been absent this spring.

A healthy Waiters, with his ability to get practically any shot he shot he wants, hasn’t gotten much press about his recovery, but he could make a huge difference once 2018-19 regular season gets underway.

Growing up in a basketball family like Kelly Olynyk, Winslow’s basketball IQ has been overshadowed by his size, strength, athletic ability, and defensive prowess on the court.

Using his innate capabilities at the point (guard or forward) position like Ben Simmons, who doesn’t have the range of Stephen Curry either, Winslow could flourish in a facilitator role, while holding his own on both ends of the court.

A Miami Heat backcourt of a 6’7” Winslow and 6’4” Waiters would create nightmarish mismatches due to their strength and quickness attacking the paint.

Take a look at the new and improved Richardson working on strengthening his leg muscles to finish in traffic with authority:

Love the grind

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Wow! If Richardson added ten pounds of muscle to his frame, Miami shouldn’t be so quick to underestimate the potential of their current roster.

In this post from three days ago, looks like Shane Battier may become more influential on giving lessons on winning basketball to JRich and others.

#TBT lol

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That mentoring may pay off with Richardson getting the recognition he deserves.

Playoffs got me ready to go again right now .. soon come : @samlimon_

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Not much has been written on having a healthy Brothers Johnson and Rodney McGruder for 2018-19, but keeping an eye out on their progress could take some of the sting out of last season’s disappointing playoff performance.

As a final note the Orlando Magic may provide an opportunity to snag another possible Victor Oladipo next month with unrestricted free agent Mario Hezonja, who was the #5 draft pick in Winslow’s and Richardson’s 2015 class.

Only 23 years old, standing 6’8” tall, with a weight of 215 lbs, he allows the Heat to play a Boston Celtics type of positionless basketball where players can easily switch places on the court.

He’s far from perfect, but this is what Nothing’ But Nets wrote about him.

”What can Hezonja point to for the reasons he’s struggled? For one, he’s had two coaches in three years. Both coaches were defensive-minded, not an area of the floor Hezonja has flourished. The Magic have been a disaster for the past half decade and struggled to develop their young stars.

”He can point to Victor Oladipo, who similarly failed to thrive in Orlando (and Oklahoma City) before breaking out in the right role.”

Don’t sleep on Josh Richardson, who along with healthy teammates and additions who won’t break the bank, could make next season fun for Heat fans.