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Report: Heat have ‘interest’ in second-round pick

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The Heat do not own a pick in either round of this month’s NBA Draft.

NBA: Miami Heat-Pat Riley Press Conference Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat don’t have a pick in either round of this month’s NBA Draft. But Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra, among other Heat staffers, have scouted incoming rookies.

And now, the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson reported that he spoke to a Western Conference team official that has had conversations with the Heat. The official said that Miami hasn’t tried to trade for a first-round pick, but “seems to have interest in possibly acquiring a second-rounder.”

As I wrote about last month, Heat vice president of player personnel Chet Kammerer already said that his team has a slim chance of trading for a top-20 pick. The fact that Miami might trade for a second-round pick if the right player falls isn’t surprising. The Heat selected Josh Richardson with the 40th overall pick in the 2015 Draft, and he’s now the team’s best two-way player (not Justise Winslow, whom the Heat drafted with the 10th pick that year).

Have any interest in staying up late during NBA Draft night? You might be the first to know about the newest Heat player.