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Bam Adebayo to work on expanded game in summer league

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The Heat’s summer league coach said Adebayo will handle the ball and maybe even shoot 3-pointers.

NBA: Miami Heat at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Bam Adebayo finished just one vote shy of making the All-Rookie team last year. But the Heat’s 2017 first-round selection will play in the Miami Heat’s summer league this month. And Heat officials are hoping to see him expand his game.

The following is an excerpt of an article by Tom D’Angelo of the Palm Beach Post. D’Angelo interviewed Eric Glass, who will coach the Heat’s summer league team.

“We want to see his leadership and how he’s affecting his other teammates, we want to see that grow. On the court you’ll see him handle, you’ll see him screening and rolling, you’ll see him in the post a little bit. Hopefully we’ll stretch him out to the three.”

Here is another quote from Glass in the article.

“The system will be free flowing so we’ll give him some options to space to the corner or he’ll be down on the box,” Glass said. “So, he’ll have some freedom to get around. We’ll get him in spots that we want him and places where he can be most effective. But we’re going to try to develop his all-around game.”

D’Angelo also said that Adebayo himself has said that he’d like to improve his outside shooting. For the Heat, such development from Adebayo would matter more than a splashy free-agent signing. When Chris Bosh expanded his range to the 3-point line with the Heat, it made him a more dynamic player. Adebayo having a respectable jumper that would force defenders to play him out there could improve Miami’s offense.

It may be wise to temper your expectations a bit — don’t expect him to look like Kevin Durant just because he’s working on his handle this summer. But he said after last season that he’d work on “everything.” It looks like he’s kept his word.