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Turmoil over the Clint Capela stalemate might send Carmelo Anthony to the Miami Heat

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The situation with Anthony hasn’t been resolved yet, so questions remain on his future destination.

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The Miami Heat don’t have the cap room to sign Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade, yet the unsettled talks between the Houston Rockets and Clint Capela present both an opportunity and dilemma for Pat Riley as well.

Reports have surfaced negotiations between Capela and the Rockets have reached a standstill, which could lead to an unhappy locker room in Houston if Capela feels he hasn’t received his just due for the team’s success last season.

”According to two people with knowledge of the negotiations, Capela’s initial meeting in Los Angeles with the Rockets didn’t go well. Capela took to Twitter, presumably after the conclusion of the meeting, to express himself:”

Questions remain whether Anthony or Capela is the primary choice for the Rockets to sign at the current time.

”Per Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports, the Rockets seem confident on signing him:

“Multiple league sources still expect the #Rockets to resign Clint Capela, despite him previously turning down Houston’s 5-year, $85M offer.”

“Despite failing to come to terms with Capela on their first offer, the Rockets are staying optimistic when it comes to signing the big man, per Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle:”

“Rockets offer to Clint Capela on July 1 was five years, $85 million, two individuals with knowledge of the offer said. With incentives, the deal could be worth $90 million. Rockets remain optimistic sides a deal will be reached. “Absolutely,” one of the individuals said.”

Per Grant Hughes, Anthony might think twice before signing onto a possible toxic atmosphere with the Rockets this season,

“There’s a downside, though. Capela could grow frustrated, perhaps so much so that he’d give less than full effort upon signing a lowball deal with Houston. Just as worrisome from the Rockets’ perspective, he could cut off negotiations entirely and sign a one-year qualifying offer that would enable him to hit unrestricted free agency in the cash-rich summer of 2019.

“At this point, if Capela scraps sentiment and adopts Houston’s calculating approach, his best move might be sticking it to the Rockets by accepting the qualifying offer and collecting $100-plus million from someone else next summer.

Another place has already placed Anthony out of the long-term picture in Houston.

”The Rockets are intent in signing Capela but would have to risk being in salary cap purgatory for the future, if they decide to dole out big money to their big man. If they choose to do so, they would commit to the Paul-Harden-Capela trio for the next four years altogether.”

In Predicting the Rockets Starting Lineup for Next Season, the author writes,

This lineup allows them to continue switching their matchups on defense, provides length, and ultimately can compete with Golden State. Forget about all the speculation surrounding Carmelo Anthony, Houston is better off running their current core out there.

Since the current 12-man Heat roster is already into luxury tax territory and seemingly without cap space, the Rockets are considered strong frontrunners for the services of Anthony next season,

“The Houston Rockets have emerged as strong frontrunners to acquire Carmelo Anthony once he is free from Oklahoma City, league sources tell Yahoo. Anthony also has considered Miami.”

The delays in signing Wade, Capela, Anthony indicate the powers to be in Miami, Oklahoma City and Houston haven’t finalized their rosters as of today, and might have some unexpected moves in store before the regular season begins.

Without the Capela dilemma Houston is the clear choice for Carmelo Anthony, but the Rockets committing themselves to Capela for four seasons presents the same risk and rewards as Miami’s Hassan Whiteside deal from a couple of years ago.

On the Miami Heat side having Anthony and Wade on the roster will reinvigorate season-ticket-holder and merchandise sales, but huge challenges remain on making the possibilities real from the financial side of things.